Add double commander (doublecmd) to the cachy repo

Hello everyone. Hope your having a good day, or night. I finally decided to make an account here. You may know me as neat marsupiak on reddit. Not quite sure how long to make this post but, I wanted to make a recommendation for CachyOS. I strongly recommend that you add doublecmd (short for double commander) to your official repos. There are three variants. gtk2, qt5 and qt6. doublecmd is a split pane file manager that is cross platform, supports custom in app file associations, plugins, custom layouts, comes with a builtin archiver supporting most compression algorithims/types, supports opening a terminal and or editor of your choice under its settings. It sports a wide array of file operation tools. Over all it is very well designed, I have never witnessed a file manager that I have come to enjoy so thoruoughly. Oh! And I forgot to mention, it supports logging utilities, such as the option to have it log to the location of your choice. This would probably be very helpful for debugging purposes. It fits right in with kde plasma 6 if you ask me.

It’s already availbale in the extra repo:

❯ paru doublecmd
1 extra/doublecmd-gtk2 1.1.14-2 [7.90 MiB 42.61 MiB]
    twin-panel (commander-style) file manager (GTK3)
2 extra/doublecmd-qt5 1.1.14-2 [7.91 MiB 42.81 MiB]
    twin-panel (commander-style) file manager (Qt5)
3 extra/doublecmd-qt6 1.1.14-2 [7.91 MiB 42.80 MiB]

You can install it with pacman. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw, check out krusader. It has been doing the same thing for the past two decades, and is still updated regularly.

It’s a kde app with support for even more features (more advanced compression tool including 7zip archives with passwords, etc…).

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Krusader is based on qt5. Double cmd has a qt6 version. I am also not sure krusader is as robust either. I would try out krusader if it gets ported over to kde plasma 6. And I understand that double cmd is in the extra repo though I think it would be nice to see it under cachyos-extra-v3. I appreciate your recommendation but as I said, until krusader is based on qt6, I don’t see my self using it.