Ability to create additional panels missing

I just installed the 240512 ISO and after it updated I no longer have the option to create additional panels in the desktop’s rightclick menu. Seems to be something with the Plasma 6.0.5 update because I had the option in Garuda and after the update to Plasma 6.0.5 in it I lost the option to create additional panels as well. After not having the option in Cachy I rebooted into Garuda and checked that it was there because it was still on 6.0.4 and the option was there. I did my updates in Garuda, rebooted and it was gone. Any idea how to get it back in Cachy? I normally move the default panel to the top, add a panel on the bottom for most used apps, and a panel on the right for browsers email and messaging apps. Without being able to create the additional 2 panels it basically destroys my workflow.


Actually, you should report this to the KDE Developers. Besides patching kwin with explicit sync, we are not modifying the KDE packages.

Report it to upstream. https://bugs.kde.org

You did see my links, right? Was hoping you had suggestions other than what I have already done.

See the 5th post here. Looks like for some reason the update unchecked a few items. Fixed now.

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