6.10 Kernel Testing


The linux-cachyos-rc kernel is more or less it its final version and we can start the testing for the upcoming major release.

There kernel is already tested internally in the team and it is looking in a great spot, some highlights added from our side:

  1. amd-pstate cpb boost is now included with the latest patchset, this can be controlled via powerdevil/power-profiles-daemon. Setting it to power-save, will disable boost. This can majorly improve the temperature on laptops
  2. Crypto Patches for Dynamic avx10/avx512/avx2 got updated to latest

Besides that all patches, which are carried in 6.9 are also included in 6.10.

Upstram Major changes are:

  • Filesystem improvements
  • Steam Deck IMU support
  • EEVDF Scheduler improvements
  • ROCm improvements on APU’s

Pending is currently the intel-pstate patches, which will handle the P/E Core handling - sadly I did not got much input yet from intel users.
In case that anyone wants to test them, they can be found here:

You can install and test the kernel with following command:

sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc linux-cachyos-rc-headers

If NVIDIA additionally:
sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc-nvidia (or linux-cachyos-rc-nvidia-open)

If ZFS Filesystem:
sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc-zfs

The final 6.10 Kernel will be released in around 2 weeks.

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sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc linux-cachyos-rc-header
error: target not found: linux-cachyos-rc-header

missing an ‘s’ at the end, should be,
sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-rc linux-cachyos-rc-headers

Fixed, thanks!

I’m getting some heavy display corruption with this kernel (everything is fine with 6.9).

AMD gpu + zen4 on default KDE with wayland, cachyos mesa-git: moving the mouse and windows corrupts the display. When nothing is moving everything is fine.

The screen corruption also happens during system shutdown and boot up (on the terminal tty). → every time something is moving the corruption appears.

Would you mind, to test with stable mesa?

I wonder, since we do not patch anything DRM related. Maybe its an upstream issue.

If you could provide me logs, I will directly forward it to AMD

Same problem with the stable mesa.

Great, here.


Is this log, after the issue is happening?

Yes, this is cachyos-bugreport.sh just after kde login in the kde terminal, while the issue is happening (it is always constantly happening. The 1/6 top of the screen is flickering and completely corrupted. 5/6 of the screen below this is fine).

The problem is still there with 6.10 rc7.

I hope you have informed them?

Sorry, can you create a ticket at Issues · drm · GitLab?

Maybe with a video ?


I also tested the mainline 6.10rc7 kernel. Same problem.

I also tested the mainline 6.10rc7 kernel. Same problem.

We do not include any DRM patches, and this is pretty much intended.

No issues, everything working with AMD Ryzen 9 7940 HS APU on ZEN 4/5 optimized Repository.
Cinnamon Desktop.

Really glad to hear that everything works out well. The release is planned for tomorrow :slight_smile: