Wine-related packages

Hey there everyone!
I’m new to cachyos, so maybe I understand it wrong, but I’ve noticed, that wine related packages are now built in generic cachyos repo, not into v3/v4 ones.
Does that mean, there’s no any performance gain in compiling wine with v3/v4 specific flags? I couldn’t find any such comparison in the internet, so decided to ask here


Which packages you actually mean?
There is wine, wine-staging, wine-cachyos in the v3 repository.

Actually, wine also sometimes does not handle avx2 well, and it results into crashes. But above ones are tested.

Thank you for answer!
Ah is that so? Last time I checked, these only existed on a generic repo, but now some packages are indeed in v3 repo. Sorry for the confusion.
How about proton-ge? I see some proton packages being compiled for v3, but not ge one. Is it because it’s not working well with AVX2?

Yes, they are available.

Actually, weve stopped to build proton-ge-custom with avx2, since there were bad reports related to lib32 application/games.

There is proton-cachyos compiled with avx2, which works fine with all applications. You can use it, if you want.
We will also further enhance it soon with the pending wine-staging patches - then it should be more or same as proton-ge in terms of patches.

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