Weird NVIDIA stutter

There’s two things I can “confirm” somewhat.
There’s some sort of extra latency or “lag” on wayland still that makes it still feel like it’s VERY VERY noticeable, I’m using a RTX 3080,
is there anything specific that I can do to try to narrow the issue down?
(I know this happens because i have a iGPU from AMD

  • My motherboard is 670e PRO RS
  • RTX 3080
    Ryzen 7900
    32 GB DDR5

when using the iGPU it feels almost like butter, i’m on 240hz too so its more noticeable that way, this is a clean install.
Driver: 555.52.04
NVML Version: 12.555.52.04

A somewhat interesting factor may be that I can feel this latency somehow on the grub kernel selection menu already, the diference between the iGPU and the GPU is very very noticeable


I am not sure hwy, but something that is quite interesting is the GPU Utilization spiking to 30-40% whenever I interact with the screen, I have almost no apps online, nothiong that would really touch the gpu utilization.

Mhm, that sounds really weird. Specially if it is already in the grub screen, where the nvidia driver is not even started/loaded.

I have mostly an equal setup, same mobo, 7950X3D and a 4070 Super and have never saw that.

Is this issue sway when going to x11? On which desktop enviroment you are?
Are you using the open or closed nvidia driver?

For the open/closed nvidia driver, I am not sure, how can we check that?

AS for the X11, yeah the issue seems to go away.
As for the grub screen, yeah that’s weird, is there any sort of latency measurement tool we could use to rule that out?\

No, sadly not since grub doesnt even have anything loaded.

If X11 fixes the issue - then all good. A wayland regression. I would suggest you to either:

  • Wait for Plasma 6.1 (soon)
  • Downgrade the NVIDIA driver

kk, just for double check:

anything wrong here? out of date maybe

It is looking fine to me here.

You said wait for plasma 6.1, when is that coming out? I saw it was released, is that on a “main” branch already or is that a beta test

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