Weird libssl3 missing

I’m trying to install reemod:

this is showing up:

is this some sort of lack of link? i can’t find that but then there’s this openssl

The package seems pretty outdated and not really maintained anymore.

This seems to be a package from Debian/Ubuntu universe.

If you look at at the file list for this package: Debian -- File list of package libssl3/sid/amd64 you will see that it provides:

The same library is also provided by Arch Linux - openssl 3.3.1-1 (x86_64)

However if the install script is asking for libssl3, I am not sure if installing openssl from Arch repos will solve your issue mostly due to the version difference.

I manged to get it installed by removing the dependency there since it also had specified openssl, i guess pacman somehow does not realize they’re a conversion (i believe theyh’re not exactly the same packaging anyways so it’s proper to do so)
but it works good witrhout libssl3, thanks

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