Unable to Set Up Epson ET-2856


I’m having a problem setting up an Epson printer on the system I am building. I successfully downloaded the printer driver RPM and installed the drivers using makepkg. I have tried to set up the printer in Cups and but got an error, however it still appears in Cups. I also get an error when I try to use the printer saying it can’t connect.

On looking at the error log I can see the error - “Unable to create PPD file: Could not poll sufficient capability info from the printer” - from the install.

I have tried with both the ‘ipps’ and the ‘dnssd’ urls that the detect process finds.

If I run lpadmin -P-a it says that the printer is accepting requests.

Done a lot of searching and tried loads of things but still non the wiser.

Any ideas?

Ignore this, finally found a solution.

It seems I had to configure Avahi to get the system to correctly resolve l.local domain names.

For anyone else with the same problem look here - Avahi - ArchWiki

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