Unable to boot into Desktop mode after latest update / Handheld mode

I ran the latest updates using a Legion Go, but after rebooting, I’m no longer able to boot into Desktop mode. I select switching into Desktop mode, but it just shows “Verifying installation” and restarts Steam Big Picture Mode. Since we’re not able to update the OS through Big Picture Mode, I’m not sure how I can bring back Desktop mode.

Just rerun the update.

That was an issue by archlinux, because they have pushed “libdisplayinfo” and did not rebuild “kwin”.

Anyways, I have manually updated “kwin” now and updating the system will resolve the issue.

How can I rerun the update if I’m unable to get into the desktop? As far as I know, we’re not able to update the OS inside of Big Picture mode.

You might be able to got into the tty: CTRL + ALT + F3

and then run:
sudo pacman -Syu

That fixed it. Thank you for your assistance.