Terrible performance with Nvidia after installing the latest updates

Let me start with saying that I am a Linux noob, but when I heard of CachyOS last month, and installed the June ISO, I was blown away by how great my system ran with an Nvidia card! Desktop environment, movie watching and especially games ran fantastic, some even better then on Windows! So easy to say I have not wanted to go back to Windows anytime soon, if ever.

But the other day I decided to run pacman -Syu, everything updated nicely but now my performance is terrible everywhere, it feels like I’m on 60hz when running 120hz, my FPS in games is absolutely garbage.

I figured that perhaps I screwed something up or maybe CachyOS was acting up for me, I quickly messed around with installing Fedora with KDE, I had the same problems there with the latest Nvidia driver under Plasma. I’m now on a fresh install of the CachyOS July ISO (the one pinned for testing, worked flawlessly to install btw) but alas I have the same performance problem. There is something going on with the latest Nvidia driver (555.58.2) and latest Plasma version (6.1.2) for me.

The reason I also suspect Plasma is because a quick install of Gnome desktop, I already had a smoother desktop experience again and higher FPS in games, but this won’t do because I much prefer KDE. So, as a rather new person on Linux, what can I do here to troubleshoot further and try to find a solution?

I’m using:
Kernel: Linux 6.9.8-2-cachyos
DE: KDE Plasma 6.1.2
WM: KWin (Wayland)
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900K
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (Driver 555.58.2)

Checkout this and report if it helps:

I can confirm this indeed fixed my problem!

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