Systemd-boot does not automatically detect the Windows partition after installing CachyOS

Hi. This error has been present for a long time, I was supposed to report it, but unfortunately, I forgot to do so. I have a dual-boot setup with Windows 11 Pro and CachyOS KDE together. How can I fix it so that my partition is automatically detected at system startup?

i suppose you will need a extra configuration file in /boot/loader/entries/, but you can chose the preferred OS with the UEFI menu for now.

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You can either create a boot entry for this, or Copy the bootloader from the Microsoft boot parition to:

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The issue is that in the CachyOS installer, when selecting systemd-boot, you can only choose /boot, you cannot select /boot/efi. However, it is possible with Grub and Refind. In EndeavourOS, systemd-boot can be installed in /boot/efi and the partition is automatically added. When Windows is not present in the selection field, a regular user might think that Linux has messed up their Linux installation or deleted it, which greatly discourages them from using Linux.