Stuttering/slowdown every couple seconds like clockwork (nvidia)

fresh cachyos install and im noticing some fairly extreme stuttering here and there across the system as i bring different things up, but it is most pronounced and peculiar when in a steam game where it will practically halt then run just fine every 3 seconds like clockwork - which is reflected by the oscillating gpu usage in btop

doesn’t seem to matter how light or intensive the game is, the behavior is all the same. and doesn’t seem to be heat related as all the temps are well below their limits… :thinking:

Im not sure, im having also a 4070 S and never saw this.

Could you try following before starting the game:
sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance

i faced such frequent stutters in cyberpunkt aswell. I´ve installed the linux-cachyos-eevdf Kernel and the stuttering was gone.

no luck, at this point im thinking it may be hardware related

i’ll try swapping different things out and see if i have any luck, thanks!

yep it was a riser cable issue, all good now thx again!