Settings in Discord got lost after Update

Hello everyone,

recently I removed the Flatpak Discord and did install the one which comes from Cachy’s “program-manger” itself. (AUR one?)

I did that because the “Cachy one / AUR one” can detect the running game. This detection/feature did not work with the flatpak one.

Today my Discord did not work because the client was not up to date.
After I did the Update with “sudo pacman -Syu” it did upgrade the Discord client but my Account information got lost. After “re-login” all my settings in Discord also got lost.

Just wondering why that so is.
Is there a better “upgrade method” for Discord?

Hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance


This is the official discord package, which is maintained by archlinux. You would need to send a bugreport to discord, related to this issue after upgrading the system.

I made today the update with the official discord client also, and it worked without problems. Credentials were saved.

Okay I will watch if the problem will return after next upgrade and if so will send in a bugreport. Thank you.

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Flatpaks are usually in a sandbox and might use different paths for the settings. So these settings might not be automatically transferred, when you switch between the Flatpak and Archlinux version.

Also that sandbox is responsible for the inability of the flatpak version to detect the running game.

Note that detecting what game you run could also be viewed as spying on you.
Discord - whose business model revolves around the information it gaines from the users - should be viewed with the utmost prudence concerning privacy.