Remove ucode in 30 seconds error?
thats what the log says

one line that intrigued me was this line near the end
“removing intel-ucode…”
i have an all amd laptop here so why was that used?
other than that i got no idea

Edit: Ok I may have overlooked what you were referencing somewhat but let me clarify here. Generally when you boot into a linux kernel, it will automatically detect your cpu architecture and load it. It will than unload the other one as it is no longer needed to run linux. The boot loader loads both when it starts, for compatibility with whatever system the drive is connected to. Once you pick a boot entry, it will scan for your system architecture.
As to why intel ucode got removed, it might be a clean up hook doing that. Some distros will automatically remove orphaned packages. Orphaned packages are packages that currently serve no use case to any particular application associated with your over all system. You do not need to be worried unless you intend to try and boot it on an intel motherboard. In that case it would be potentially problematic. But most people don’t really switch laptop drives out all that often so yeah.

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It does install both ucodes via the netinstall, and then a shellprocess will remove the not required ucode. This is intended.

Im not sure, why it timeouts after 30 seconds, even tough removing 20mb package, shouldnt take that long. I would just retry the installation for now.

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i tried re-installing twice but it still gave me this error

I would suggest then, to remove the intel-ucode at the package selection. I will investigate into that issue.

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alright one more thing
is the package selection the same menu where u can choose to install firefox?
i dont have the usb rn but i should have it in about an hr to test jus confirming that ik what im doing

Yes, correct

yep that fixed it thanks a bunch!!