Proton can't draw the interface

I have an issue with Stronghold Warlords game.

Whole the time there is an issue with a pink tint on the whole interface; but with other distros I had the solution: by changing to older Proton (5.X) in the Comaptibility option and later on setting up the ‘previous_release - previous release’ in the options of ‘Steam Linux Runtime 2.0’. But this soution do not work with CatchyOS, now as I set up everything alike, there is no game interface at all.
Thanks in advance for any help in understanding the issue.

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Did you tried to run it with Proton-GE? On Proton DB some are using “Proton 8.0-4”
other one for example " GE-Proton7-33". He said only on first start he had artifacts then it was gone. Not sure if that can help but maybe try to disable “Shader pre Caching” under Steam Settings.

On Proton-DB they also say “In-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck”
There’s a tool called “ProtonUp-Qt”. I used it to download Proton GE 9.5. After Steam restart you can select the Proton GE under compatibility for example.

This helped me to get Just Cause 2 to work.

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Thanks a lot for your help and provided suggestions; nice to know this ProtonUp tool… but nothing happens with different GE or TKG versions. I’ll try to find what more I had in Manjaro.

Quick update in this matter, it’s not the problem of Cachy, there is an issue with kernel-6.9, I find some remarks, but still in progress, as for me the resizable BAR and 4G Decoding not help