Problems with printer

I’ll start by saying that cachyOS is great, the only thing I didn’t manage to fix is CUPS, printer is a brother HL-L3210CW, it’s on the the WLAN, it works with every other distro: fedora, mint, garuda, bazzite, nobara (yes, I tried a lot of distros before settling on CachyOS).

What I tried: reinstall CUPS, tried to add the printer both from the GUI tools and from the browser, which is essentially the same thing… The printer gets detected and listed but it either “can’t be reached” or “cups server error internal error” when I try to add it as a new printer.

This is what’s shown in the discovered network printers:
Brother HL-L3210CW series (Brother HL-L3210CW series)
Brother HL-L3210CW series (Brother HL-L3210CW series)
Brother HL-L3210CW series (driverless) (Brother HL-L3210CW series)

None of the above works.

This specific printer is not in the drivers list, the generic drivers not working (Apparently).
I tried to reinstall CUPS but made zero difference.

What am I missing or can try? thank you very much.

Have you installed the printer drivers ?

paru brother-hl-l3210cw

Here’s the AUR link.

(@ptr1337 editing the previous post showed error 403).

Also read the first comment on the AUR page

I got this to work for me. In the CUPS panel I had to add the printer with this URI:


This was the only way I could get it to work, does not seem to get detected on the network.

(again, editing errors out with error 403)

My bad, I didn’t specify that I tried all that already, made zero difference.

after 3 days of attempts I managed to make it works with the drivers of the hl-3070cw (yes, I had to try them all), the http://:631/ipp setting wasn’t enough. I wish to figure out why it works out of the box with any other distro but this time I had to struggle so much. Thanks for your time anyway.

I had also a bit trouble to get my Brother DCP-9022CDW via LAN to work.
The PCL generic driver worked fine but I was not able to print in color.

The suggested and provided Brother 9022CDW driver just printed endless hieroglyphs.

Then I’ve downloaded the drivers from AUR Page. I remember that I had copied the files manually to /OPT/ and /USR/ folders.
I just realized that after copying the files my printer showed up under printers and I was able to print correctly and in color.

Not sure but I think I only had to do “sudo pacman -si”

Maybe that makes sense.

I did that so with “brscan4” and I was able to start the “brscan configuration”, setting up the IP Address and I was able to start a scan over Simple-Scan.
That worked just fine.

I havent read everything here but i had a problem with my brother printer because, my linux couldnt resolve the hostname of the printer with the ip adress. So i added my printer to the host file.

just go to /etc/hosts with vim or nano , then add the following line for example with my printer it was:

IP-Adress-Printer BRN3C2AF4AC848E.local

then go to cups page (http://localhost:631/admin) there add the printer with “Discovered Network Printers” select your printer, type in the adress you know or you can find it with “sudo lpinfo -v” , then it worked instantly.