Problem in GUI Installer (with SDDM)

Hello, I have problem with loading GUI installer ISO on my PC, all services are loading normally but SDDM not starting:

[FAILED] Failed to start Simple Desktop Display Manager
See ‘systemctl status sddm.service’ for details

I’m downloaded this iso directly from download page and loaded live iso on PC from rooted phone


That seems very weird to me.
Which Desktop Enviroment you have used and filesystem?

Can you get into tty and run “sudo” ?

If youre able to get into tty, you can try to launch plasma with “startplasma-x11”

At tty2 I have login

Please run above command and give us the link

I can’t use that command because I can’t get tty terminal
At tty1 I stuck on systemd logs and at tty2 I have login

Yes, please type in your username and password and then provide above command.

It’s live iso not main system

Oh, I see. Could you share your hardware informations please?

Also, please try the “nomodeset” option when booting.

I have b550m-hdv and UEFI version p3.40
Processor AMD Ryzen 5600 3500mhz
Ram 16gb

Which GPU?
This does not look like a problematic configuration and much used by our users.

Amd Radeon Rx 6600
And connected to monitor via displayport

There is problem with live iso not with hardware

Please reflash the ISO. We have 2 people in the team, with the an equal hardware, which works fine.

Or use the nomodeset boot option and provide logs.