Plex Media Server - need help setting mounting point

I could use some assistance with geting Plex Media server working. I issued the commands and it is installed and appears to be working. However, I cannot get it to communicate with my RAID volume. It only see’s /root

I am reviewing the Arch wiki but I get kinda lost right around Section The RAID volume is automounted at startup by the file explorer so I am almost positive that will be the applicable scenario here.

“Your desktop environment (e.g. GNOME or KDE) might automatically mount it when you try accessing it via their file explorers. Plex won’t be able to access the drive. This is because the desktop environment mounts it to your user (via FUSE), while Plex uses by default the “plex” user.
You will need to manually mount the drives for Plex to see them by setting the mount point. See Fstab for more details”

However I cant seem to wrap my head around fstab. Could someone walk me through performing what is required to set the appropriate mount point?

Moved to appropriate section.