Phoronix web site says you have a bcachefs ready iso to download

Did I miss-read their posting. Here it is in part.

Arch Linux Powered CachyOS Adds Bcachefs Installer Support

Written by [Michael Larabel in [Arch Linux] on 13 May 2024 at 01:00 AM EDT. 15 Comments


Arch Linux derived [CachyOS] is known for its aggressive performance optimizations and running well on modern hardware. It’s also leading when it comes to adopting other new Linux/open-source features. With this weekend’s May 2024 ISO update, CachyOS has rolled out initial support for installing to a root file-system based on Bcachefs.

Not yet in sourceforge as of 13May2024, Is there an unforseen delay?


Please download the latest ISO from our website.
Be aware that only Refind and Systemd-Boot are supporting the filesystem selection currently.

Stick to BTRFS cause Bcachefs is not ready for primetime.

Is CachyOS with Linux 6.9 already released? Or it is 6.8? I wanted to try CachyOS with 6.9 and test performance. BTW cannot download from website. Had to google sourgeforge:

GUI installer - KDE - 2024-05-12 (is this 6.9 kernel?)
thank you.


We have pushed the 6.9 Kernel to our repository. Since this is an online install, you will automatically get after updating the 6.9 Kernel.

If you face issues with the 6.9 Kernel, we have an archive for the cachyos, cachyos-v3 and cachyos-v4 repository at CachyOS - Repo

I am really interested in bcachefs and have a separate SSD set aside to evaluate it.
From what I have seen on the web, bcachefs users who have both btrfs and bcachefs prefer the latter.

Latest kernel (May14) due out today, will have improved bcachefs logic.

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