Octopi no start after update

Today after the update, Octopi doesn’t age! In the terminal:
“octopi: error while loading shared libraries: libqtermwidget5.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”
Please how to solve this big problem?


This has been reported on upstream and we need to wait till the maintainer updates its package to QT6.
We can not do much right now.

You can downgrade the qtermwidget package down to 1.4

Also, see issue:

thanks for quick anwer. I’ve installed so far : paru -S pamac-aur

The AUR package has been updated to Qt6.

The maintainer has also provided an updated qt-sudo PKGBUILD in the octopi AUR comments.

(I got error 403 when I tried to add this info by editing my previous comment).

Thanks for notifying!
Actually, i can not build the package currently.

Its now updated in our repository and should work fine.

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Yes, it’s working great. Thanks!

Yes work fine now! Thanks

FYI, Ive also pushed an update to remove the notifier from autostart which got added with the recent update.

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