NVIDIA 555 Testing

Thanks very much Peter. I reported here: 555 release feedback & discussion - #29 by sstorey - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums Hopefully that’s the right place. Will let you know if I get any feedback.

Hello all…

I’m new to CachyOS and so far love it! All my games run like a dream. I have a quick question: Today Nvidia released 555.52 Beta Drivers. How do I upgrade from 555.42 to 555.52? Thanks


We are already rebuilding all kernel for the new NVIDIA Module.
For cachyos-v3 this got already rolled out, cachyos-v4 will follow in the next hours.

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OK thank you for the response.

I’m a new CachyOS user coming from vanilla Archlinux. So far really love this Distro. Like the fact that you guys have the Nvidia drivers ready to install using pacman -Syu. Awesome

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