NTFS help needed..thanks

I have drives that are formatted in NTFS and I have installed ntfs-3g so i could read them.

Sadly, they still wont open and I dont know where to turn now.

Can anyone help me plz?


Could you please tell, which error you are facing when trying to mount?

Were they formatted by Linux or were they formatted by Windows?

I too had this problem (mounting Windows NTFS drive). Installing ntfs-3g did not fix it. When trying to mount it from Dolphin this error is encountered:

but it can easily be mounted using this command (you need to replace /dev/nvme1n1p1 with your own value. it can be found in front of drive name as below picture):
sudo mount /dev/nvme1n1p1 /mnt/


though terminal history has greatly simplified this process for me…

Is there a way to auto-mount it using KDE partition manager? what values should be chosen?

Ok so them being partitioned by windows does introduce issues. The ntfs filesystem on linux is an older version compared to the later versions found in windows 10 and 11. This introduced some considerable incompatibilities. And if they were partitioned by windows, Last I checked they basically cut off access to many of the files unless an active windows session is detected. This is for security reasons to prevent potential attack vectors. As for automounting, I truthfully am not sure. Linux is hard configured not to auto mount ntfs the same way it won’t automatically mount an exfat partition formatted from linux. I wish I could help you but I lack the technical experience and know how to work around your difficulties.

Does installing ntfs-3g fixes it?

I am doubtful that it would fix things. As I had mentioned in my post, The way windows partitions ntfs involves using far newer variations of the ntfs filesystem compared to ntfs-3g which was forked from an older version of windows. It would take a serious amount of effort to catch up. I encountered this same kind of problem about 3 years ago. There was no other way to effectively access the data unless you had a windows pc with windows 10 or windows 11 in its infancy. The error shown by dolphin is likely because of this discrepancy.

Hey I was trying to wrap my head around this for the past week. After a lot of trial and error, the instructions linked below solved all of my problems.

I was firstly having trouble mounting my 2nd hdd which is NTFS and then it kept unmounting when trying to launch steam games. The instructions above will automount your drive on boot and stop it unmounting when launching steam games. Hope it helps!

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I already installed ntfs-3g but it did not fix it. I then googled and found an Arch Linux wiki and it easily mounted (through terminal command I posted above). Also terminal command history has made it even easier as well!

My NTFS is Windows 7 drive BTW…

Firstly I would like to thank this community for the friendly welcome. I wrote this post and went off to do some family stuff. The following day, I was floored by all your suggestions and advice. So I cannot thank you enough.

So this is what I did to solve this problem.

I went to my friend’s house who uses Windows 11 and I backed up the drive. This drive had family photos, games, music and a host of other stuff. Once that was done, I took the drive home and formatted it into exr4 because I am trying to get away from Microsoft and big corps as much as I can.

I am sure there is a better way to do this, but it worked for me.

Again thanks for everything you have done.

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