Mullvad-vpn error

Hi all,

After installing mullvad-vpn and entering credentials, I receive an rather cryptic error stating the Internet is blocked. However, when I look at the logs, I notice the following error:

[2024-06-06 23:44:14.459][talpid_wireguard][DEBUG] Tunnel MTU: 1380
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.462][talpid_wireguard][ERROR] Error: Failed to setup kernel WireGuard device, falling back to the userspace implementation
Caused by: WireGuard netlink interface unavailable. Is the kernel module loaded?
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.462][talpid_wireguard][DEBUG] Using userspace WireGuard implementation
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.463][talpid_core::tunnel_state_machine::connecting_state][ERROR] Error: Failed to start tunnel
Caused by: Failed while listening for events from the Wireguard tunnel
Caused by: Tunnel failed
Caused by: Failed to create tunnel device
Caused by: Failed to create a tunnel device
Caused by: Unable to open a tunnel device
Caused by: No such device (os error 19)
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.463][talpid_core::tunnel_state_machine::connecting_state][DEBUG] The tunnel disconnected unexpectedly
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.464][talpid_routing::imp::imp][DEBUG] Clearing routes
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.464][talpid_core::firewall][INFO] Applying firewall policy: Blocked. Blocking LAN. Allowing endpoint: X.X.X.X:443/TCP
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.464][mullvad_daemon][DEBUG] New tunnel state: Disconnecting(Reconnect)
[2024-06-06 23:44:14.464][mullvad_daemon][DEBUG] New tunnel state: Error(ErrorState { cause: StartTunnelError, block_failure: None })

Note: X’d IP on purpose

Is there something I need to do kernel-wise to get this working?

I admit, I am using CachyOS pretty much out of the box and I am pretty new to CachyOS and Arch-based distributions, but I really enjoy this distro.

Thank you for your help!

Does it help to manually load wireguard?
sudo modeprobe wireguard

Ive just checked, and its not loaded as default:

❯ lsmod | grep wire

❯ sudo modprobe wireguard
[sudo] password for ptr1337: 

❯ lsmod | grep wire
wireguard             126976  0
curve25519_x86_64      61440  1 wireguard
libchacha20poly1305    20480  1 wireguard
libcurve25519_generic    49152  2 curve25519_x86_64,wireguard
ip6_udp_tunnel         16384  1 wireguard
udp_tunnel             32768  1 wireguard

But, actually mullvad should load this as default.

Thank you very much! It looks like it didn’t manually do it… After I ran it, the VPN comes up without issue. Sorry to bother! :slight_smile:

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