Lock screen broken

I’ve noticed random lock screen damage on CachyOS, the problem occurs randomly and only on CachyOS, in the case of Tumbleweed the problem does not occur, I don’t know if the problem is with CachyOS or the latest Plasma.

I think you should report this to KDE. Likely this is an issue from Plasma 6.1 Release.

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CachyOS does not modify anything on the screenlock (and it also works properly at me, with the complete stock theme)

But the problem does not occur on the latest KDE on tumbleweed.
sir_lucjan wrote something about problems with drivers.

Maybe actually provide some details as to what is happening and what you see?

I will contact you as soon as the problem arises.

I had this blackscreen also today, but this only happened after upgrading the drivers to the latest 555 and not rebooting, and kscreenlocker somehow requests then the latest Kernel API.

Could it be, that when this happened you have upgraded the driver and did NOT reboot?

Also, try to provide logs

I usually do a reboot after each update. Which logs should I look for?

Since you need to reboot, when this happens then:

journalctl -b -1 > lastboot.log

If its still the same session, then:
sudo cachyos-bugreport.sh

The computer has already been restarted several times, will this not change anything in the logs, I’m asking before I provide the log?

journalctl -b -1 indicates the previous boot. For 2 boots ago, you use -2.

-3 is the maximum

I only have this log.
there is no other log

What the hell is going on with your wpa supplicant service? That is very abnormal if I say so my self. It could theoretically be what could cause screen tearing if your system is really bombarding the log file with repeated lines of text. Your system shouldn’t be dishing out so many output requests like that.