Legion Go - would love option of Hyprland & Handheld


Would really appreciate some advice.

I’m fairly happy in Linux, intermediate level.

I have a Legion Go and I want to use it for gaming and productivity.

Can I setup CachyOS to boot into Handheld mode to game and have the option to switch to productivity mode with Hyprland (I’ll be using a keyboard/mouse and perhaps an external display)?



This is probably mostly unpossible, because a lot of behavior and scripts are depending currently on KDE.
We are currently way to overloaded, to bring another support just for a different DE, which is anyways buggy and wont bring a stable expierence.

You can try to install the normal edition, and after that installing the cachyos-handheld package, but we wont give any support for it or equal.

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Thanks, could I have it partitioned in some way that I can click away from KDE to hyprland, is the version of KDE you use running on Wayland, or am I missing something like, is CachyOS supposed to be immutable or something?

CachyOS is not immutable. You can modify your system how you want and this is also intended to give the user freedom.

The netinstaller (default one) does support several options for installing any Desktop Enviroment - but as i said, I do not suggest it, since the complete GameMode switching for handheld will NOT work.