Kwin crashing on login

Just figured I would post about this since it seems to be a problem with arch distros, but after the latest plasma 6.1 update, Kwin has been crashing upon logging into a wayland session, this happened to x11 session as well. Any how to sumarize what is happening, Kwin fails to start properly so it crashes. It crashes about 5 times before it succeeds. I checked the logs, yeah it crashes 4-5 five times silently than starts the plasma shell. This is most definitely a bug. And if I am to be honest, I am inclined to believe that there is some connection to pipewire. I noticed that in the logs, pipewire would throw up warnings of unknown peer messages. This indicates that there is an unseen disconnect that is ocurring between kwin and pipewire. It has become more frequent than before. Also, editing the panel bar seems to crash the session 50% of the time.

Is your system fully updated?
Can you run:
sudo cachyos-rate-mirrors
sudo pacman -Syu

Yes everything is up to date. This problem started after additional kde plasma 6.1 updates were installed. To be more precise, I think my problems started with kde plasma 6.1.0-1.1. I did also notice that it was taking longer to load the menu bar than before 6.1. But the most recent update broke something. Unfortunately I haven’t really been able to find any thing that could really clue me into what the underlying cause of the problem is. I have examined the system logs and nothing beyond sddm having trouble launching plasma shell sticks out to me. I saw someone on endeavor’s reddit thread mention the same problem. They said that they thought it was the fault of explicit sync. They had an nvidia gpu. But if it were explicit sync, why would the same problem be impacting an amd only system like mine? It couldn’t be mesa, because I haven’t seen a mesa update come out since the last one, which came out before plasma 6.1 hit the repos. The other thing of note was that we saw the kde frameworks package get updated to 6.3 as well.
Another caveat is I heard fedora users report problems with the latest kde updates. The fact that it is happening on both branches raises more questions. That is what leads me to believe that it is a bug related to kde it self.