KDE Plasma 6.1 released

Seems like KDE Plasma 6.1 is out, blog post is availble here: Plasma 6.1 - KDE Community

Change log; Plasma 6.1.0 complete changelog - KDE Community

I’m really looking forwards to explicit sync feature, currently running KDE6 on x11 on my main system.

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Explicit Sync is in CachyOS since Plasma 6.0 release.

Do you know when it’s coming out

Its in the testing repository currently and should come in the next days into stable.

How can I enable the testing repo, is that for the cachyos-testing? whats that on pacman?

Please dont do that. There are also currently other packages in testing, mainly ffmpeg 7, which could break a bunch of application you use.

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So it will be a couple of days huh? If anything the feature I am looking forward to it would be the triple dynamic buffering. It should make animations much smoother on integrated graphics. I believe it was called opengl triple buffering on windows with amd adrenaline application. Never quite knew what it did until more recently.

Commonly it was for major(minor) release around 2-3 days. We will see. We do not have any affect on the archlinux maintainers.

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Arch Linux - Package Search When its out of testing Always check the Arch Packages

Its now in the CachyOS repository.