Kali Linux VM vmware problem

Hey guys, I’m quite new to linux, I tried to run a Kali VM for some pentesting today, and I came accross this issue.
Then when I click ok, this happens.

It would be good if you mentioned how you installed VMware.
Did you install it from AUR? AUR (en) - vmware-workstation
Or another way?
I recently installed it from AUR and everything is working fine.

paru -S vmware-workstation

Give Qumu / Kvm a try it is way better then Vmware and it Is more supported ( ps am an ethical hacker most of my usage in vm and qumu / kvm the best so far ) .


Yes, I installed it from AUR, and it doesn’t work sadly.

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Okay, I followed the tutorial, everything works great so far! Also, if you’d like, I would love to get in touch about ethical hacking :slight_smile:

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No problem You're invited to talk on Matrix