Just want to say thanks

Whatever update came out today it has changed a lot of my experience for the better. All my games run pretty smooth now (D4 still has a little jitter). Thank you devs, I have tried a lot of distros but this one has been the best experience so far (forums support/out of the box it just works). Also noticed my screen isn’t dimming anymore and locking screen while in game. Not sure what changed there but I’m glad it resolved itself. lol

CPU 5900X
GPU 4070

Games I have tested
Dead By Dayllight
D4 (still has jitters/very slight lag)
Ghost of Tsushima
The Division 2

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I never got any lag or jitters with D4 on AMD (CPU + GPU), so I guess this could be caused by the nvidia drivers.

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. Also noticed my screen isn’t dimming anymore and locking screen while in game

This came likely due the Plasma 6.1 update, that games now properly block this.
But thats just a guess.

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Switching to proton 8.0 seems to have taken the jitter out of D4.

On my main rig I am running the hardware listed below and I was having issues with starting D4 ect in steam and the splash screen on start up would go gray or black (but the game was going as normal, i could hear it). The fix that I found seems to work is going into the BIOS (Asus) and disabling integrated graphics. It seems to have a conflict of some sort and defaults to the on board AMD GPU. Just wanted to put this here in case anyone else is having this issue.

CPU 7900X
GPU 4070ti

I will take this opportunity to thank CachyOS team as well. I bought this PC about 8 months ago and for past 8 months I never had a single “normal” boot with no errors. I had 3 OSes installed on this new PC: Win 7 (slowest boot), Linux Mint (faster than Win 7 but with false unknown USB errors) and Nobara (same speed as Mint with same errors at first but now it has some weird systemd errors) and finally CachyOS.
Out of 4 OSes that I’ve tried on this PC, the only OS that has given me the FASTEST boot time and also no false alarm errors is CachyOS…
So not only CachyOS has been the fastest performance wise but also boot time wise! And it gives me no errors during boot either! I use GRUB BTW in case any1 wondering…
Thank you CachyOS team!