Issues with KODI after Recent Updates


I’ve encountered some issues with KODI (version 21 - git 20240505-nogitfound) after the latest updates this week from the repositories. Here are the specific problems:

  • The video playback occasionally freezes when desktop is switched to another one.
  • There is a “crackling” sound in the audio when using Bluetooth wireless headphones (I have tested multiple types with the same result).

These problems do not occur when playing videos on YouTube or through VLC; the sound in the headphones is clear in those cases.

I am wondering if it might be necessary to recompile KODI to resolve these issues. Alternatively, could there be an upcoming update to address these unknown changes?

Thank you for your assistance.

I can confirm that everything works after the update to KDE 6.0.5.

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I forgot. :wink:

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