Issue with cachyos-nvidia and 3d acceleration on vmware workstation latest

The latest nvidia update bonked 3d acceleration on my vmware-vm’s, vm’s only launch with 3d acceleration turned off now :(. I’m not really a linux expert but it was working prior to nvidia update. Is there anyway i can fix this. I am now seeing a i2c error where that was not present before i dont think on boot.

Thanks for the help.

i2c error sounds like something with USB C and Laptops? I think that is a common one.

Anyways, report it to NVIDIA. Since its not possible to do code changes on the driver, we can not do anything.
You can try to downgrade.

I use vmware here.
Here it is working perfectly with my Nvidia.

The last kernel update gave me a problem with my wifi. That’s why I keep the LTS kernel installed as a fallback. For when something in the main doesn’t work, I wait until the next update.

Try it, if the device works again with the LTS kernel, the solution is to try to discover the problem with the other kernel or wait until the next kernel update.