Issue with 3 and 4 Finger Gestures After Recent Update


I am writing to report a bug that I encountered after the most recent updates on my laptop running KDE. Since applying today’s updates, the shortcuts for 3 and 4 finger gestures have stopped working. These gestures were used to switch between virtual desktops, activate the desktop grid, and perform other tasks.


  • Operating System: CachyOS
  • Desktop Environment: KDE
  • Issue Experienced: After the latest updates on 23.05.2024, the 3 and 4 finger touchpad gestures stopped functioning. Specifically, the gestures that previously allowed switching between virtual desktops and activating the desktop grid are no longer responding.
  • Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Update CachyOS with the latest patches and updates as of 23.05.2024.
    2. Attempt to use the 3 or 4 finger gestures on the touchpad.
    3. Observe that the gestures no longer trigger the expected actions.

Additional Information:

  • The gestures were functioning correctly before the update.
  • No other significant changes were made to the system apart from the updates.
  • I have tried restarting the system, but the issue persists.
  • I do not remember if this function needs to be enabled manually or if it is enabled by default.
  • Two-finger scrolling is still working correctly.

I appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. Please let me know if any further information is required.submitting the report.

I can confirm that everything works after the update to KDE 6.0.5.