Issue when trying to update linux-cachyos=6.9.7-3

I currently got this issue when trying to full system update.

warning: cannot resolve "nvidia-utils=555.58.02", a dependency of "linux-cachyos-nvidia"
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing linux-cachyos (6.9.7-3) breaks dependency 'linux-cachyos=6.9.7-2' required by linux-cachyos-nvid

And cachyos-v3/nvidia-utils is 555.58-2 already.


Same here. In my hubris I overrode the dependency check and was unceremoniously dumped at a TTY on reboot and had to roll back. Oopsie :rofl:

Seems all fixed now. Ended up being a good reminder to finally set up snapper in case of future shotgun=>foot incidents.

Should be fixed now. Was a Mirror Sync issue

Better to be dumped in a tty then to not even get that far in the first place. If there is a terminal, there is a way to fix things. No terminal=screwed.

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Thats why I think timeshift or snapper with submenu in grub is a godsend. It rescued me one time already.

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The update wouldnt go through with the above issues. Its blocked by pacman, if user “forces” it then well…