Installing CachyOS on Intel Rapid Storage Tech configured RAID drive

Hi CachyOS users :wave:

After distro-hopping for a while and using Clear Linux for some time, I settled in on CachyOS, which is brilliant. I have two identical Samsung SSD 990 PRO 2TB drives and want to set up an Intel RST RAID0 array and install CachyOS. I failed to install Linux with this configuration in most of the distros I tried except OpenSUSE and RHEL. Surprisingly, Intel’s own Clear Linux will not support it. I am relatively new to Linux, and the problem appears to be setting up the boot partition correctly.

I wonder whether anyone can guide me. Thank you.
Screenshot from 2024-06-21 18-05-11


im not sure about the RST Tech - but Calamares generally doesnt have proper RAID0 support.
Many people use then following:

  1. Install on Disk 1, either BTRFS or zfs
  2. Set after the installation the RAID up

Otherwise, I would suggest you doing an manual installation. We will work soon for a general tutorial - but generally it is the same as arch, besides the repo auto detection.

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Many thanks for your reply, @ptr1337. I will eventually try Complex Arch installation steps on an RST drive :sweat:. I look forward to the tutorial.

If you or anyone else is curious, I have some screenshots of how OpenSUSE Tumbleweed does it.

I wish you a wonderful day.

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