Installer adds proprietary drivers by default

I just recently imaged a Framework 13 AMD using the CachyOS installer. I noticed on the first boot after install that the kernel was tainted. This was because the broadcom-wl-dkms package was installed by default.

Shouldn’t this be detected dynamically and only installed if necessary? That hardware is incredibly rare, I think it’s better to only install it the PCI VID/PID match.

Likewise I noticed b43-fwcutter installed, which again no b43 hardware.

Hi Mario,

Actually, we have already support for hardware detection, related to network driver, see:

But this is currently not used by the installer. You gave a good point in adding this back again.
We will work on it for the next release.

The b43-fwcutter was in the early days added, because people have complained about missing it. Can be also added to the hardware detection.

Thanks for the report!

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