I915 dell 7390 i5 8250u uhd 620

Hi, I have a Dell 7390 laptop without a touchscreen, equipped with an i5 8250U processor and UHD 620 graphics card. I’m experiencing issues with practically every Linux distribution; the screen freezes. During installation, I disable i915, and the system installs successfully. However, after installation, the system either won’t boot or, if it does, the mouse freezes and the keyboard becomes unresponsive after a while, rendering it unusable. What is causing this problem? In Manjaro, I add the i915=0 entry in GRUB, in MX Linux I use nomodeset, but how do I handle this in CachyOS? Fellow forum members, please enlighten me on what is causing this issue. On another Dell 7490 with the same processor and graphics card, there is no such problem. Please help.

You can also just put to your kenrel cmdline the “i915=0” to the kernelcmdline.

systemd-boot its at the LINUX_OPTIONS array in