I need help to setup a keyboard layout widget in waybar in hyprland


I use hyprland edition. I uncommented the widget in Waybar config file, but the get_kbdlayout.sh file does not exist. I created a file with that name (not correctly) just to test if I will see the widget and it is not showing up. My question is how can i get an active or current keyboard layout and how do i get the widget to show on the bar? Thank you in advance.

  "address": "0x5bf9cb870a10",
  "name": "at-translated-set-2-keyboard",
  "rules": "",
  "model": "",
  "layout": "us,ru",
  "variant": "",
  "options": "grp:shifts_toggle",
  "active_keymap": "English (US)",
  "main": true

P.S. language switches just fine with keyboard shortcuts.