I can't run Diablo 4 with battle.net

I did a clean installation on an SSD exclusive to CachyOs, installed the gaming and battle.net package through lutris, downloaded Diablo 4 and when running to play it simply closes everything but the PC is accelerated as if it was running the game, but no window game is open.

It is only running with the integrated Intel card with Nvidia and it is giving this error.

Is there any tutorial for me to try to install a different version of the cachyos installation than the current one?

Note: I’ve been a Windows user my whole life and now I decided to test Linux and because of the YouTuber A1rmax I was convinced to use Cachyos


Could you please tell me which hardware you have?
Im also playing a lot of diablo via lutris and it works pretty nice. Could it be, that you have selected not your dedicated graphics card in lutris?

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Was playing with lutris, just hade a few small texture errors that didn’t bother me at during game play. Other then that i hade no issues.

(Nvidia 3070)

What version of kernel and nvidia drivers are you using?

Im using 555 drivers and the latest kernel.

I’m using 555.52.04 with the latest kernel, but I’m thinking it’s wine, which version are you using?

My wine is like wine-ge-8-26

The solution was to remove this by default and install this
Release Wine-GE-Proton8-26 Released · GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom · GitHub