Howto preserve Btrfs @home volume at installation

Hi all,

I’ve got a Manjaro with just bricks itself with the latest update and want to try Cachy with all the great things I’ve heard about.
I want to preserve my @home subvolume on my disk (btrfs layout) will it be possible at the install with Calamares like Fedora’s Anaconda installer (see) ?

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the only way would be to actually not partition it and merge if after the install.
Calamares does not support it.

Hi Peter and many thanks for your quick feedback.
It’s my first post here and I sincerely wish you the best for your great project.

Sorry if my question seems stupid (I’m not a linux expert) but what do you mean by “not partition it and merge if after the install” ?

Just to be clear my disk has only one root partition with @ @home @cache @log subvolumes.

Does it mean : change the name of the current @home subvolume and not create a new @home subvolume at the install and later rename the @home.old to @home ?

Any way many thanks for your advice.

Do you want to make this easy & fast? Or complicated?

Easy & fast:

  1. Backup want to want to keep from /home (i.ex: make a . tar or .tar.zstd, or use btrfs send/receive, etc…).
  2. Make a fresh install that wipes everything.
  3. Restore what you want from your home backup.


  1. Don’t format
  2. Delete everything outside of home using the install iso desktop.
  3. Install using the manual partitioning
  4. Cachyos by default creates several more snapshots (srv, log, tmp, etc…). If you want them you will have to create them manually.
  5. You don’t need to rename home as it will just keep it in place if you don’t format.
  6. edit your /etc/fstab accordingly.

IMO: it’s much easier/faster to go with the first option, even if you are an advanced user. In any case it is always recommended to backup your data when you do an new install anyway, plus this way you get a 100% clean install.

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Hi @MBK and many thanks for your very detailed and helpful feedback :+1:

I’ve got a rsynced backup of my /home on several disks but it’s roughly 1 TB of data.
I’m lazy and don’t want to wear the ssd unnecessarily so second option looks cool and I may learn something on the way.

If things go wrong, I have my backup. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Many thanks !