How get a snapshot when pacman update apps - snap-pac seems not working

I use btrfs assistant on Garuda and EndeavourOS previusly so I know how to use it, but on Cachy I have some troubles.
Btrfs Assistant does snapshot hourly but not when I do an update or installing apps.
snap-pac is correctly installed, i have a message whem pacman install an app that is creating a Snapshot pre and a snapshot post operation so snap-pac seems active and working but … when I go to Btrfs assistant and I see my snapshots there are only the hourly snapshots and not pre & post snapshot after update/install .
So seems to me that snap-pac is not working
I have installed snapper from cachyOs-Hello too and of course I’m on grub, anf I have an entry on grub for Cachy snappshot and I think is working perfectly but as I said no way to create a pre or post install snapshot, thats is my issue

In CachyOS Hello is a package, which configures and enables Snapper and Snap Pac.

After that it will create snapshots, each upgrade.

I made a complete tutorial on how to enable Snapper + Btrfs with Grub on CachyOS.
But it is in Slovak localization.
You can copy it to ChatGPT for translation.
You can find it here - Ako rozbehať podporu Snapshots cez SNAPPER + BTRFS - Návody - LINUXDOMA - KOMUNITNÉ FÓRUM
You can skip the step of creating the root configuration file. ´

No it does not as you can see on inage: CachyOs Hello packages installed but not working as intended, snap-pac not working at all (only hourly snapshot created)

It’s working fine for me. (and the nice thing is that in the description it shows the changes pacman did).

The only thing I did to get it to work : click on Install Snapper Support in the cachyos hello apps & tweaks. I did this a couple months ago when the option was introduced and it has been working flawlessly since.

If it doesn’t work for you, perhaps a bug was introduced in the cachyos hello app since then?

I reinstall all the system and now is working, probably some missed thing during online install (I saw some errors when installing at first time), snap-pac was not working and now is doing the job great.
I have to install 2 more packages to get it perfect for my need (have snapshot available on grub booting in case of disaster):

  • grub-btrfs (available on extra repository)
  • snap-pac-grub (available on AUR or Chaotic.aur)
    Without this second package Grub at boot doesn’t see last snapshots available on BTFRS-Assistant.
    I don’t know if the package grub-btrfs-support available on CachyOS repo (and not installed by CachyOS Hello) include snap-pac-grub too.
    Whith this setting now snapshots are 100% perfectly for my (our) needs, I disable Snapper Timeline on BTRFS-Assistant and simply i’m doing snapshots only when pacman is updating/installing/uninstalling packages.

There is also an grub-snapper-support package in the cachyos repository, which does set it up everything for you.

As I said - everything is available. If you pull other packages, then this will of course result into a different configuration.

Don’t missunderstood my words, I apreciate your work and the distro, I love it (I have to installed it 3 times becaus of some errors during online installation but now is perfect) but you missed the point , the script you are implemented for manage snapshot is incomplete or must be implemented in case of grub bootloader (is perfect for other bootloaders).
If a user choose grub on calamares installation is for 2 reasons:
a) user intend to use CachyOS in dualboot with windows and because windows create a small EFI partition grub is the only way if you don’t want reinstall windows creating a bigger EFI partition, OR
b) is my case … I want snapshots available in the grub menu in case of disaster (pc not booting after some package update)
Your script during calamares installation it install only BTRFS-Assistant and leave at Cachy Hello button install remaining package using another script. But neither one nor the other script detect if is a grub bootloader system so is an incomplete installation because need action by the user installing grub-btrfs and grub-btfrs-support.

Is not a criticism (hope you understand my ideas because english is not my language, I’m italian), just suggest.

Other example is Bluetooth, Cachy is first distro I use with BT active and working out of the box without my intervention … but even this is not 100% complete, yes BT is working but you missed install a package called BLUEZ-OBEX that as ArchWiki said here Bluetooth - ArchWiki
" bluez-obex and bluez-mesh have been separated from bluez. Therefore, if you plan to transfer files over Bluetooth, bluez-obex needs to be installed."
So even in this case Cachy does a good job but not 100% great, we need install a package that is mandatory and you can easily add this package been installed during calamares firt installation implementing your BT script.