How do I use the GUI Installer (Linux Noob)

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I apologize in advanced if this is the absolute dumbest question that’s been featured here, but I’m a noob to Linux, so I guess a little turbulence is expected. I can’t, for the life of me, seem to figure out how to set-up the GUI installer after I download it. I have three files after I unzip the download: Arch, Boot, and EFI (I’m assuming you guys have access to the same files). Which file am I supposed to rely on post installation? Am I even supposed to be specifically focused on one of the ISOs, or am I completely missing a step? I’ve gone over the installation instructions via the website (which is extremely handy), but I’m still not getting anywhere.


We are reworking currently our Wiki, here you can find more informations:

So, basically you flash the ISO either with Etcher, Rufus or Ventoy and then boot from the USB Stick.

After it is booted, you click the “Launch Installer” Button and just follow it.


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Thanks for the response. I figured that was the methodology, but there’s one other problem: I’m being told by Balena that none of the ISOs are suitable because they don’t contain the required partition table. This is occurring with any of the potential disk based images in the files I downloaded.

Oh my god, I’m an absolute dumbass. I just realized I can flash the disk image via the site’s valid url using Balena. :rofl:

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