How do I delete/uninstall stuff?

I have installed Openlierox in hopes that I could play this old game but it didnt work.
I downloaded the .deb file from the official website, which didnt have updates in years, I think:
I installed “debtap” to convert it to Arch package and installed it. The game doesnt start and I dont know how to delete it.
I can see the game in application search results, I can find the link to executable, like .desktop, but I dont know how to find the source, where it is installed.

I woud suggest to use proper PKGBUILDs instead of “debtap”. You can use the search for this at the AUR:


You can remove the package with:
sudo pacman -R $pkgname

In your case:
sudo pacman -R openlierox

I reinstalled CachyOS, gladly thats a fresh build.
Proper PKBUILDs, got it. I also heard that you shouldnt download too much AUR, at least thats what I heard on Manjaro.
Thank you for your support.

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When it comes to installing stuff from the AUR, it is best that you not try to rely on it too much. And if your going to install things from the AUR, always check to see if there is a binary version available, often it will have bin at the end of the package name. Bin packages are less likely to break and cause problems for your system, they also have fewer dependencies which will save you some space.