Help with nvidia1650 +amd hybrid nitro 5 ryzen 7

how do I choose which card I want to use without using the terminal using prime-run, in Fedora Kde/Plasma I can go to the advanced options in the programs icon and choose, in Gnome with the second button I can select nvidia or amd, in biglinux too, but in cachyos I couldn’t do it, is there any way to choose which card to use in a more user-friendly way? Thank you all


I don’t know which extensions these are using, but we don’t put them as default.
But as you already noted, launching programs works via prime-run or the enviroment variables.
Maybe you want to check out “supergfxctl”, but I do not have any expierence with these hybrid laptops.

Also see here:

a solution that some people I know from the biglinux distro based on arch did, by clicking with the second button it shows the options of the nvidia video card, soft, and integrated for you to choose, very good!!