GUI Installer closing

I tried installing CachyOS through the GUI installer from a bootable USB. After setting up all the configurations, the installer, along with the pacman log and install log, closes by itself during installation. Because of this, I can’t send the log. It crashes randomly during the installation process—sometimes it gets past 40%, sometimes only 15%. Here’s a video clip of the installer crashing.

Some info about the machine would be nice, maybe it’s a memory issue?

Processor- Intel Core i3 7020U
GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620
Memory - 4gb ram

4 gb is not a lot, not sure what to tell you, could be the memory.

Maybe this distro is not the best choice for you. You should install regular arch I think, I’m not sure you will get a big boost from something like cachy.

That actually sucks because i have installed multiple arch linux distro’s through usb and didn’t face any issues.

Please use testing ISO:

The issue is that we have enabled copytoram. With testing ISOs this is not enabled as default anymore. It will be only copied as long enough ram is available.

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Could be something else than memory, but random crash most likely is caused by that in my experience…

You could add a swapfile to a partition that you won’t format. Or on the usb if there’s enough space. Or make a swap partition and mount it, you can use it for you installed system too.

It’s unfortunate that they chose KDE for the Live system, it’s the heaviest desktop environment also KDE 6 is really buggy.

Alternatively you can watch in real time the journal messages with journalctl -f

Ive mentioned above, what the issue is, together with an solution.

Basically, the ISO gets copied to his RAM, RAM is too full → freeze

Sorry I didn’t see, just after I sent it.

Thanks I’ll try it out. So will this issue be addressed in the next release ?

Yes, correct. With upcming release it has been changed from copytoram=yes to copytoram=auto

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I was going to download this to see if it addresses a issue that seems to be Cachy specific and it won’t download with FreeDownloadManager or directly using the browsers builtin download manager. I tried in both Vivaldi and Opera.

You can also try another mirror.

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Try downloading in firefox. Im currently downloading the test iso .

Think I will to see if maybe it’s a Chromium based browser issue. Thanks

Found the issue. Looks like in your last release you must of adjusted the permissions. I installed RootActions and took ownership of my other drives which should not have changed a thing in Garuda, but I just had to take ownership of my secondary drives in Garuda again when they were fine before I went into Cachy. You do have it set for 1000 and not 1001 or higher, right?

Ok my installer didn’t crash this time but was met with an error while installing .

2024-07-05 - 20:23:26 [2]: Calamares::Utils::ProcessResult Calamares::Utils::runner::run()
2024-07-05 - 20:23:26 [2]: WARNING: Process “chown” timed out after 3000 ms. Output so far:

2024-07-05 - 20:23:26 [2]: WARNING (Qt): QProcess: Destroyed while process (“env”) is still running.

Appears that your system was too slow to put an ownership of a file. Maybe just restart. I might think about increasing the time

You could try nohup & disown to get around such problems. If you want my recommendation, open alacritty or konsole, run nohup konsole (or alacritty) & disown, than in the new terminal run the gui installer with nohup & disown. This detaches them from other parts so if anything breaks, it breaks outside of the installer rather than then breaking the installer it self. This is how I have been able to completely bypass the problem of the session freezing or crashing while trying to do certain tasks, such as fixing my preload module settings. And yes, I have had the problem of the installer crashing on me before. I have 32gb of ram so I am not too certain that ram is the only issue here. Either way, try my fix. It never failed me so far.

This happens on my 7950x3d, 7900xtx, 64gb RAM rig on both the normal ISO and the testing ISO