Freeze after reboot on fresh installation at `Loading initial ramdisk`

This is the latest version of the iso cachyos-kde-linux-240609.iso. No problems with installation, but after rebooting stuck on Loading initial ramdisk for multiple minutes after which the system simply powers off.
Selected KDE as the desktop environment and the system has an ssd and a hard drive (I selected the ssd as the install location).
This is a laptop that was previously running cachyos but I had issues after updating so did a full reinstall.
The laptop has an nvidia mx 150 graphics card and an 8th gen intel i5 cpu with integrated graphics.
The hard drive is currently unallocated and the ssd holds cachyos.
Any help would be appreciated!

Which nvidia driver does the mx150 use?

This sounds like that either the graphical session can not be loaded, or plymouth does not work.

I was previously using nouveau because it was the only drivers that worked with Wayland (proprietary could only get X11 working).