Dracut vs mkinitcpio

Hey all,
just wondering if there are any plans to ship CachyOS with dracut instead of mkinitcpio, as its modular approach is easier to handle and more streamlined. Some arch based distros (EndeavourOS and Garuda) switched to dracut and it works like a charm.


I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with both of them.

We are following Arch Linux Defaults and stay with mkinitcpio. If you want, you can also change on your own to dracut.

EOS has changed to dracut because mkinitcpio was to that time mostly unmaintained, but this has changed and has a new maintainer since around a year and active development.

Dracut appears currently mostly in upstream also mostly unmaintained, there is currently no reason to switch over.
There is a “dracut-ng” fork, which is again maintained, but the offical one is unmaintained.