Copy/Past not work everytime

I’ve been using CachyOS for over three months now and it’s clearly the best Arch-based distribution I’ve ever used!

However, I have a rather annoying and recurring problem that is ruining my life. For some reason, copy-paste doesn’t work properly from time to time between applications. With discord for example, if I copy something from another application, it often doesn’t work, the copy is in the clipboard, but refuses to paste, then it comes back either after a reboot or X time elapsed (I’m using discord as an example, because I use it a lot, but it’s a general problem when this happens).

On the other hand, in the same application, there’s no problem copying and pasting, which is very odd and I don’t understand what’s causing it.

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Hi Flomax!

Are you using KDE? Because I had this exact issue on Arch/KDE about two months ago and couldn’t find a solution either. I haven’t had the problem on Arch/GNOME or CachyOS/GNOME. I do use Clipboard-Indicator on GNOME, so perhaps that’s a factor.

Welcome aboard, and I hope this mystery gets solved soon. I remember it drove me nuts for a solid week before I gave up. :+1:

Welcome to the forum!

This sometimes happens to me as well (but rarely). (edit: @nickF yes KDE here too)

Have you tried just selecting the text with the mouse (this doesn’t need to copy, it’s buffered automatically), and pasting with the mouse middle button? Usually this way always works for me.

(Be aware that this way and copy/paste use 2 different buffers (-> you can copy 2 different things at the same time, and you can then paste 1 with paste and the other with the mouse middle click).

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