Change the type of boot loader after an installation is it possible?

Hi! Recently I have installed CachyOS (all is OK) with rEFInd like boot loader hoping to recover a Windows partition that it’s not available after many months and it’s impossible or very difficult to recover it. So, I decided to reset my computer to his original state where Windows take all the place. After, I will shrink the Windows partition to make way for a Linux partition and I think to copy in it the CacahyOS version that I have installed and set up. For me it will be a big time saving. But, I think that in this case I need GRUB and not the present CachyOS boot loader. If this is the case, will I be able to change rEFInd with GRUB or is it not possible?
Thank you


normally refind should detect automatically Windows, as long there is an efibootmgr entry from Windows.

Changing from refind to grub is possible, but it requires repartioning, which could be quite annoying.

Ok. I understand that the easier is to reinstall CachyOS after the Windows reset.

I had read this somewhere and it’s the reason for which I have chosen refind, but it doesn’t recognize Windows, perhaps for a problem with his efibootmgr entry.

Thanks anyway.