Caps lock delay

Hello to everyone,
I have a strange problem;

When i type (not necessarily too fast) and use the caps lock to write capital letters there is a delay on activation and de-activation of caps lock, it’s a bit frustrating because i have to delete everytime.

I’m using a Logitech G Pro keyboard and also the led activation for caps lock is slow as if were pointing at me extra input latency.

Currently on GNome 46.2 - Wayland, (GN on Gnome it’s an error of this type).

Digging online this is a common linux problem known as " CAps LOck DElay PRoblem".

I may be mistaken but there might be logitech based packages in the repos. Still I must admit, I have no clue as to what would cause caps lock to be delayed like that. I generally wouldn’t use logitech since they tend to have proprietary drivers that you wouldn’t typically need with generic keyboards or mice on Linux.