Calamares Error

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to install CachyOS on the laptop, but the installer immediately crashes. I can boot the LiveDVD, connect my WiFi, press “Start installation”, select Grub or SystemD-boot and immediately get this error: 20240628-085420 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I tried both Bootmanagers, restartet many times. Still not working on my Laptop.

I get a Forum Error posting this, for me it is only allowed to post 2 Links in one post, so i need more Posts. sorry for that. I’ve attached pictures of the other logs to be on the safe side:

The same installation media worked on the office PC, so I think it’s OK. Currently, gentoo is running on the laptop, 2 partitions (boot and / with btrfs)

Could you please just upload the log, which it asks to upload?
Then just give us the URL here.

In the future no images unless there is no other choice. From what I can make out in the tiny images you didn’t need to do screenshots.

Also I for images I would suggest the below cause not one of you posted images will load from that site.


Thats not the log, which it is prompting when it fails to install. Pleas start an installation, when it fails you get prompted if you want to upload the log, and then it will show a URL

Sorry for all the work, I thought I was being stupid at first. If I click on start installation in the CachyOS Hello window, I can select the bootloader. Immediately after that, the Calamares error message from the first screenshot in the first post appears. I can click cancel, that’s all. No other log opens that I could upload to you. Can I find this log in a directory /tmp/ or /var/log/?

Does the calamares window not open, or what?

After clicking on start installation and selecting the bootloader ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ), the error message from Calamares with users@users ( Imgur: The magic of the Internet ) immediately appears. I can only cancel. No log upload or anything similar appears.

Hope the pictures fit better this way? You can click on the picture to make it bigger

Oh, that either indicates a faulty ISO or usb stick. Did you download the latest ISO from the website?
You can also try the testing ISO:

Indeed. I’m sorry for this senseless threat. I used the same installation DVD to install CachyOS on my PC and therefore assumed that the installation media was fine. It didn’t work on the laptop. I redownloaded it, reburned it and at the moment the installation runs on the laptop without errors. Thank you very much!