CachyOS KDE - 3 VMs destroyed after update


Today I did my weekly update again…

Among other things, I have three CachyOS systems in virtual machines (VirtualBox), two for testing and one, that I do something with from time to time.

The updates (sudo pacman -Syu) seemed to run through unobtrusively at first, so I didn’t even notice.

But now I have the following problems, for example:

  • Windows no longer work properly. They start in some (rather small) size and then cannot be moved or resized. The buttons in the top right corner of the window (minimize, close, larger/smaller) are also missing. The shadow border of the active window is also missing. For example, once I have opened the system settings, I can no longer close them.

  • Once the system settings are opened, they also overlay the application starter, which you can no longer see or use properly.

  • If I click on Shutdown or Logout in the application launcher, I immediately get a black screen. Nothing else happens, for example the system doesn’t shut down. But I can then call up the console via tty (I’ve now figured out how to do this in the virtual machine in VB!) and enter poweroff, for example, and that works. Even if I call up the console directly in the guest and enter poweroff, the system shuts down.

In the system settings → Colors & Themes → Login Screen → Behavior → Shutdown Command, it still says /usr/bin/systemctl poweroff

So it shouldn’t be, because there’s an incorrect command stored there.

These are the things I noticed, maybe there’s more confusion, but it’s basically unusable as it is, which is why I didn’t investigate any further to see what might not work yet.

I also have two EndeavourOS KDE/Plasma for testing. I updated there too, but everything is still running normally there.

So I think it must be something CachyOS-specific, since all three CachyOS VMs are equally affected, but the two EndeavourOS are not.

Then I updated my host system (also CachyOS KDE/Plasma) - it works too!

All systems (host and guests) run with the X11 window manager.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

That was an issue by archlinux, because they have pushed “libdisplayinfo” and did not rebuild “kwin”.

Anyways, I have manually updated “kwin” now and updating the system will resolve the issue.

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OMG, thank you very much! :heart_eyes:

It would have been a real shame, if I hadn’t been able to use my one VM, which I’m currently using very actively.

Otherwise, it runs absolutely stably in VirtualBox.

And I’m super happy with CachyOS on the host system anyway.

What I didn’t quite understand was, why my host (and the two EndeavourOS in the VM) weren’t affected, even though I updated them today?

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It could be maybe, due an outdated mirror. Actually, we have “removed” the optimized packages, when archlinux did made the “big” push.

So, the packages were fetched from the archlinux. The optimized ones, will come as soon the queue is done

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